Managing a Business: A Beginner's Guide

To undertake by necessity has been the choice of many Brazilians who thicken the list of unemployed. Although it is not the ideal setting for Business Guide, it is possible to work to make it work. In this article, you will see how to run a business and direct it to success.

Throughout the text, you will check:

  • More Brazilians become business administrators

  • The characteristics of a good administrator

  • Do not be surprised by internal or external scenarios.

  • Dedicate yourself to financial management

  • Learn to deal with competition

  • Invest in internal communication

  • Alie productivity and quality

  • Integrate processes in the company.

  • A management system that connects the areas of your company: from financial to commercial

  • More Brazilians become business administrators

What many experts have predicted since last year, finally, is proven in numbers. With the increase in unemployment, the number of new companies opened in Brazil is also increasing. The entrepreneurship by necessity shown as a result of a labor market where supply is less than demand.

In the most recent edition of the conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and released on August 17, the unemployment rate reached 13%, which represents 13.5 million people without occupation.

Although the index is slightly lower than the previous ones, the total number of Brazilians out of the market is still high. Not by chance, with no formal space to work, the way found by many of them to obtain income was through the opening of companies.

In the first five months of this year, 955,368 new business guide were registered in the country, a record for the period. The data are from the Serasa Experian Indicator of Birth of Companies.

"Unemployment catalyses the creation of new companies," said Victor Loyola, vice president of Legal Personnel, Serasa Experian. And it cannot be denied that he is right, for the numbers will not let him lie.

From the conquest of the CNPJ, these beginner entrepreneurs take on a new challenge: to learn how to manage a company for its survival, maintenance, growth and longevity.

Step by step, new managers have a routine common to that of any entrepreneur. The first is to avoid early mortality, since 22% of business in the country does not complete a year of life, according to IBGE. From there, overcoming the obstacles, it is possible to look further.

It is not easy, nor impossible. But believing is always the beginning of a successful entrepreneurial journey.

How to run a business

The characteristics of a good administrator

Being an entrepreneur does not mean that you know how to run a business. After all, getting the business guide out of paper, despite the time-consuming, costly and bureaucratic process, is still less difficult than managing it successfully.

There are characteristics and attitudes expected of a good administrator that are independent of the scenario in which he started his venture. So, whether you own a newly opened company or have not yet met in the market, see what profile is expected in the conduct of business.


Starting a business does not mean taking a vacation from the boss. If you are not your boss, you will soon lose control of your business. And this applies to all areas of the company, starting with the financial one.

It is imperative that the administrator knows the reality of the cash, which involves the total and unrestricted separation of personal and business finances, as well as the registration of any and all income and expenses of the legal entity, however small.

To have a business in the long run, there is no way, no procrastination. It is essential to be disciplined and rigorous.


For the good administrator, you do not have that history of "where is the document that?", "Have I already issued the note?", "What time will the meeting be?" Or "what is the deadline agreed with the client?". The routine is certainties, not doubts.

The agenda is a great companion for nothing to escape from the radar, especially accounts payable and receivable, as well as commitments made with customers, suppliers and other partners.

The manager depends on a profile organized to run the company. There is no excuse for failing this, especially with so much help from technology that it makes available applications and other online tools for this purpose.

Posted on June 13, 2018 at 02:28 PM

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