Getting Started: How to Use YouTube for Your Digital Business?

Why you need to create a YouTube channel

Here on Hotmart's blog, we have already published some content with several tips on how to make a good video. Now let's teach you best Business Guide for publishing these videos and creating a YouTube channel for business, with a sales focus.

1. Create quality content

If you are a Digital or Affiliate Producer, you probably already know the importance of creating good content for the best results.

No matter what your niche, the quality of all your publications will be crucial to building a solid internet business.

In addition to audio-visual quality, content must also be appropriate for your audience. So, do a research with your persona and try to understand their pains and needs.

A Business Guide for YouTube channel should not only advertise your products but add value to whoever watches your videos. And that's what it means to create quality content: it's creating videos that help improve people's day-to-day lives.

Once you understand what are the solutions that your persona seeks, you can use our tip on creating an editorial calendar also in your videos to organize the content that will be posted. In addition to working for your blog, it can also be used for your YouTube channel.

2. Have a goal

With quality and content in mind, it is also important to ask yourself what the new video's goal is for your digital entrepreneur strategy.

It's no use planning content for your audience if you do not have a goal to achieve.

Unlike a youtuber or traditional bloggers, digital entrepreneurs use these tools with the clear intent to realize sales, even if in the long run and indirectly.

So, create videos that later drive users to understand that your business is the best choice for when they need to solve a particular problem.

In the next video, Rafael, one of our video makers, teaches how to sell on YouTube, which is usually the main goal of a business channel on that network. Check out:

3. Use the funnel strategy to undertake on YouTube

Before starting the recording, establish what will be the subject of your video and the purpose of it.

Will it be a top, middle, or bottom funnel video?

Will it have as its main goal to attract more audience, increase engagement with your online business or make sales directly?

If you're a little confused about this step, review our post that clarifies what the best sales funnel strategy is. Thus, you will understand which type of content works best for each step of your sales process.

But to help you understand a little more, let's give you an example:

If you have an online course that teaches Spanish, you could make a video showing how to ask for information at the airport. This would be good content for the top of the funnel, which are people who do not know your product but who are looking for solutions on the internet to be able to communicate in that language on international travel.

Already a good example of content facing the bottom of the funnel is a demonstrative video about your own product. In this video, you need to reinforce the benefits and features of your offer.

Show how a person can communicate better after taking their course and how their vocabulary is greater.

If possible, make use of screencasts, or images of the computer screen, showing the content that the student will receive after the purchase. In this case, it is fundamental that the description of the video also contains HotLink directing the user to purchase the product.

4. Apply SEO techniques to your channel on YouTube

Talking about the description, you need to be aware of the text that comes with your videos.

Did you know that SEO techniques also apply to YouTube?

Properly using keywords and tags makes all the difference when it comes to ranking your video among the best search results.

To help you, we have a practical tip: pause your reading and go now to YouTube. Look for some video related to your niche and watch what the first results have in common.

Note that the number of views is not the only factor that influences rankings. You can find videos with hundreds of thousands of views and others up to 10 times less.

This is because many other factors influence the visibility that a video receives on the first page of the results.

Keywords related to the subject are likely to be in the title of the video as well as in the description, and this makes a big difference in ranking the videos on your YouTube channel for digital business.

To study your competitors, click on the video that has the best placement and analyze the source code of the page. When you search for the term keywords, you will be able to see all the keywords that have been registered and associated with this video.

With this analysis, it is easier to understand what leads some videos to have more viewing than others.

If your content is competing directly with those terms, consider creating a video for each of them.

5. Have periodicity in publications

If creating too many videos can be a problem for you, then ranking with your YouTube channel for digital business may become a problem.

Frequency is key for anyone who wants to have a popular YouTube channel. The logic is not much different from a television program, where you need to have periodic content programming.

There is no ideal frequency. Many successful youtubers make daily publications, others just weekly. The important thing is to create a publication routine, either biweekly, weekly or, if possible, two or three times a week. It is this routine that will bring more loyal followers and increase the credibility and visibility of your channel.

A very common question between Producers and Affiliates is about the length of time a video is playing. And again, to the despair of readers who seek an exact recommendation, the answer is: it depends. The duration should be enough to exploit the content so that it is neither superficial nor tiring.

This time interval will vary greatly depending on the theme of your video. Talking about the history of Brazil in a 30 second video is practically impossible but talking about some culinary technique in a video of more than an hour can wake up more sleep than the interest of your audience.

Also monitor all comments and be sure to interact with your audience in that space. Answer all the questions that come up, indicate complementary content, and even if you get critical, do not worry: answer each one with education.


If you've come this far, you must have realized how important it is to have a YouTube channel for digital business.

We hope that, from now on, you will start to dedicate yourself to this network to gain more visibility for your business and attract more customers.

Of course, just like any strategy, you have to devote a lot of time to creating video content, posting it to YouTube, and making it stand out. But, over time, you'll realize how important this is to your business, so be sure to do it.

Posted on June 13, 2018 at 02:53 PM

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