Occupation Qualifications of a Stay at Home Mother

I've been job hunting for more than a year after graduating with a degree in Psychology. I have applied to hundreds of businesses. Which is not an exaggeration. I've been on tons of interviews and I've been offered a place once. The sole reason I didn't take the place is because the pay was low along with the occupation was far away, that after I paid for childcare and gasoline I'd essentially be paying to work.

The matter is, because I 've worked these past five years than ever before, I do not consider it a difference. Not only have I been raising two kids, I've likewise fought cancer twice, gotten my psychology degree with a 3.99 GPA, helped raise cash in several fundraising events and of course dabbled in writing hearts. Stay at home mothers are multi-talented and incredibly under appreciated.

As a person, I didn't intend on leaving my job after my first kid was born. Nevertheless, she was born in the hospital she came home with special needs that just her dad or I really could supply. She wasn't permitted to visit a daycare facility and we'd no other family near us at the time which could help out. Stay home with her and it made sense for me to leave my place. I'll never regret that decision since I consider that keeping her in a secure, healthy environment was essential to her survival.

Now my daughter is 5 and doing considerably better, my son is three and he's additionally nicely. It's time for me. I've loved the last five years, getting to spend some time with my kids while they were infants and watch them grow and develop in ways that working parents end up missing out on. At exactly the same time, it hasn't difficult.

I don't harbor negative feelings over the companies who've chosen not to hire me since I understand that one day I'll wind up working for a person who values hard work and my experience, which is the man we all should wish to work for.

Stay at home parents, be pleased with your achievements. Make a record of everything you've done and recall these things when others make you feel as if you're not qualified since you've been caring for another persons life instead of "working" these previous years. !

So maybe the problem isn't that companies believe stay at home parents aren't qualified for jobs, but in fact that we're capable! In all seriousness though, never let anybody make you feel as if you're not an awesome man in taking care of your kids, for all you do. You're a superhero to all those children, and to me!

Posted on December 03, 2014 at 04:13 AM

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