Does your website further distance people from what attracts them? Not having a website is a big mistake that can cost you countless missed opportunities. But having a horrible one is much worse. A simple or poorly organized website keeps people away who probably will not return.

This Business Guide helps you to build credibility, attract better prospects and increase customer loyalty. Why invest in this powerful marketing tool if you do not plan to use it effectively? It is possible that you are leaving it aside because:

Here is the perfect business guide for you.

A website is not that important when people can visit your local store.

It makes no sense to compete online when you are surrounded by larger and more eye-catching brands.

You have many clients at the moment and do not have time to update a website.

You are a perfectionist and you cannot decide what to include in your website.

Guess what? Customers visit your site for a reason. Maybe they want to know if you can give them what they need. It can be a product, information, or maybe they want to know your hours of operation. If you make it difficult for them to get the answer, they will find what they are looking for elsewhere.

A website is a shortcut to create relationships with your customers. Without one, you cannot share the value of your company and your brand's history with people who have never heard of you. Make it easy for customers to connect with your business by optimizing your website to sell.

Logo and brand colors

Imagine visiting a new restaurant in your city. When you arrive, the building still has all the advertisements, decoration and branding of the previous establishment. As a consumer, you immediately develop a poor opinion of a business owner who does not do any work to excel. You can expect your clients to have the same critical eye.

Your website should not be viewed as a just personalized template, with generic images and colors. Place your logo and slogan in the title, where it is visible on all the pages of your website.

Use the colors of your brand to attract customers to your world from the start. Colors set the tone for the emotions you want to convey, so it's crucial to personalize them to match your brand's history.

Optimized homepage

The homepage is not always the first part of your website that users see, but it should function as a welcome portal. Create a simple navigation bar with direct titles and add social network buttons in a prominent space. Do not make readers work hard to find the right information.

A good home page offers a primary call to action and a summary of what the user can expect to find in the rest of the site. Who you are? What do you offer to consumers? Why are you different from the competition? You can create a call to action with words, visuals or both. The Trello project management application starts with a concise value proposition and call to action.

"Trello allows you to work collaboratively and achieve more. The walls, lists and Trello cards allow you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. Sign up - it's free. "

On the other hand, the independent publisher of material for children based in Massachusetts Barefoot Books, uses a visual approach. A sliding gallery invites consumers to take a look at featured products. The visuals are bright and fun, and each highlighted title has a customized call to action for the audience. Immediately, you can get a clear picture of the values ​​of the brand - inspire children and families to be positive and aim high.

Posted on June 13, 2018 at 02:27 PM

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